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Eucerin Complete Repair™ Cream

Cream with 5 % Urea for dry, rough and tight skin

This highly effective body cream fights dry skin in three distinct ways, and deeply moisturizes and soothes rough, tight and very dry skin.

Product info


  • 96% said it “perceptibly reduces the tautness of the skin”
  • 94% said it “replenishes the skin’s moisture”
  • 93% said it “perceptibly relaxes the skin” 
  • 90% said it “sustainably improves the skin’s condition”
  • 90% said it “sustainably smoothes the skin”
  • Significantly improved hydration at weeks 1 and 2 versus the untreated site 
  • Significantly reduced the skin's moisture loss versus untreated site
  • Significantly decreased visible dryness and tactile roughness
  • Reduced signs of itching, burning, tightness, tingling, and feeling of dryness 
  • Hypoallergenic and non irritating

*Glyceryl Glucoside supports the skin’s moisture barrier.



    How To Use

    Do's and Dont's

    Try a different product if …

    You have extremely dry and scaly skin that sometimes itches:
    Try the richer Eucerin Complete Repair™ Intensive Lotion  for very dry skin instead.


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